Fantasy Cat Trees
Unique Cat Furniture


Designer Cat Trees


Bring out their WILD Side with the Ultimate Cat Tree

Quality Made in the USA   ©2007-2015  

Fairy Tale Cat Trees  Hand made with Love

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Custom  Cat Condos                   



Make their Feline Fantasies come True

Design your Tree to match your own Decor


  Fantasy Cat Trees that look like real Trees


One of the most Beautiful and Unique Lines of Cat Furniture ever Created. They look like Real Trees
and are Custom made in the USA. Each Fantasy Cat Tree is Handcrafted with a 100% wood frame
and is created to blend in with your Decor, so you can feel good about having them in your Living area.
These Gorgeous Life-Like Luxury Cat Trees are Purrrrfect for Climbing, Hiding, Lounging, Playing and Sleeping.
Our Fantasy Trees allow your Precious Cats to play "in the Great Outdoors" safely inside.
A piece of Artwork for your home and A Fantasy Forest for your playful cats. These Incredible Sculptured
Trees are Hollow with shelves inside
the Tree Trunk, so your Cats can climb up to the Large Tree-Top
Lounging Platforms, Lay on the shelves inside the Tree Trunk and look out the entrance holes, or even just curl
up and hide in the bottom of the Tree Trunk. This Designer Cat Furniture is also Wider than any
other Cat
out there on the market today, giving your Cats more much more room
to play and lounge.
Some Birds, Nest/eggs and a blank Sign for you to customize as you wish, are included with each Tree.


These Exceptional Trees are Functional. They back up flat to the wall to take up less space, and are open
in the rear for easy cleaning. You can Completely Customize your Tree for an Exclusive Look.
You can have them made to any size, or add anything extra that you might want, need or can dream up.
Add a cute little Enchanted Fairy Door, add a Sisal Scratch Patch to the Tree,
or Fully Enclose them with a Rounded Rear Access Door for those wanting them out in the open.
You can also Design your Tree to match your Decor, with your own Fabric for a Truly One-of-a-Kind Tree.
The Possibilities of what you can Create are Endless...............................................
There is one to fit every lifestyle, so Indulge your Precious Babies today!!
Delight yourself and your Kitties with one of these Wonderful, Magical Fantasy Trees




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