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Fabric Bark Exterior

Wood Exterior 


 All of our Trees are Framed with 100% Wood. You can choose which kind of Exterior you want on

 yourTree Trunk and Branches. You can also choose the Coverings on the Tree-top Platforms. 

The Standard Tree-top Platforms have Dark Green in/outdoor carpet in the centers, with Light or

Dark Green Cotton Fabric Puffs around the edges of the Platforms, making a nest for little heads to lay on.  

You can upgrade to faux fur fabric for a thicker fabric than the cotton, or even send us your own fabric that matches

your D├ęcor, if you would like. The Tree-top Platforms are padded and the shelves and bottom space inside the Tree

Trunk are padded as well. The Standard Trees include Ivy Leaves. You can upgrade to Ficus Leaves, which are

longer and fuller with  thicker stems.  For the Exterior of your Tree, on the Tree Trunk and Branches, you can choose

Fabric Bark  or  Wood (most durable)              (see photos above) 

 They are covered with carpet and a Fabric that resembles Bark. We also make a Wood Exterior on our Cat Trees.

The Tree Trunk and Branches are Textured and Painted to resemble Bark.

Our clients like them because cat hair does not stick to them like it can on carpeted furniture, as well as for

the lasting durability. You can design very Realistic looking Trees, Magical Fairy-tale Trees, or

Wild and Vibrant Trees to brighten  your House.
 There is no limit to what you can create. Some clients even add Fairy Lights and nature sounds to their Trees

Choose your Tree Trunk and Branch Exterior Covering

Custom Cat Tree
Hollow Cat Trees

Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat Tree seen on diy networks I Want That
Luxury Cat Trees

Olive Luxury Fur                       Dark Green Fur                        Brown Painted Base                       Green Painted Base

Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees with Leaves.

Realistic Look Cat Trees and Life like Cat Trees.

Cat Trees That Look Like REAL Trees